Legacy Photo Gallery

These photo galleries represent the last 12 years of seeing our boys (and now girls) grow up through their Scouting life. It all started with being a Tiger Cub Scout with Pack 27 and their transition over to Boy Scouts Troop 10 here at Langley Christian Church. Many of them who have stuck to the program are now close to being Eagle Scouts. These photos are especially cherished by us parents seeing their kids enjoying themselves and accomplishing a multitude of tasks towards the ultimate goal of obtaining the Eagle Scout rank. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

The Scouting program is for everyone! If you're considering getting your son(s) or daughter(s) involved with Scouting, we hope these galleries will encourage you join us to build lasting memories and see the program develop your child to be the best they can be.

April 2013 Cub-O-Ree

OCT 2013 Pack 27 Awards Meeting

NOV 2013 Turkey In The Woods Camping Trip

FEB 2014 Hampton Fire Dept. Station 7 Tour

FEB 2014 Pinewood Derby

August 2014 Virginia Beach Mud Run

October 2014 Natural Bridge Camping

2013-2014 Pack 27 Various Events

AUG 2016 Lake Kerr Camping Trip