Important Information About Rank Advancements

All requirements for advancement are tracked by using the individual Scout's Hand book. The information is then maintained by the Advancement Chairman by using BSA Individual Scout Record (Personal Data) form and Scoutbook. Each Scout MUST bring his handbook and a notebook to all meetings and activities in order for appropriate requirements to be initialed and dated upon

Scout Responsibility
It is the responsibility of each Individual Scout to let the Advancement Chairman know when they has completed something. Occasionally the Advancement Chairman may ask scout(s) for their BSA Handbook so that the records can be updated. Very Important Note: Each scout needs to maintain all their Advancement cards, Merit badge cards together (We recommend keeping this information in a binder or other safe place) so that their records can be verified with ease in the future.

Rank Details
Scouts start by earning the Scout rank. Many new Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light as a Webelos Scout, can complete these requirements within a few troop meetings.

The ranks of Tenderfoot Scout, Second Class Scout, and First Class Scout requires skills learned while attending camping trips, hikes, troop meetings, and service hours (given to the community or religious institution).

The Troop Junior Leaders (Patrol Leader Council) will initial requirements in the BSA Handbook for the following ranks and then the Adult Advisor for that individual scout patrol will verify that the scout has completed the requirement(s) and will also initial and date the completed requirements in the back of the BSA Handbook. A scout may work on requirements for all three ranks in any order, but will only receive the ranks in order (i.e., Tenderfoot before Second Class, Second Class before First Class). Requirements for the ranks of Star Scout, Life Scout, and Eagle Scout may only be signed off by an adult.

Eagle Scout Requirements
A more detailed packet is given to the scout before working on the Eagle requirements. This packet is given to the individual scout after his completion of Life rank. The packet includes a print out of all his completed requirements and a Eagle Project Workbook (pdf) and an Eagle Application (pdf).

Review & Approvals
The last two requirements for each of these ranks are a Scoutmaster's Conference and a Board of Review. At the Scoutmaster's Conference, the Scout and Scoutmaster reviews the requirements for that rank and any previous ranks. If the Scoutmaster feels confident that the Scout demonstrates the knowledge and skills required, the Scoutmaster will initial and date the individual Scout's handbook and help with the assistant of arranging a Board of Review for that scout.

The Board of Review consists of a minimum of three adults from the Troop Committee. The Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, and the Scout's parents CANNOT be on the Board. The scout must present himself in a neat, clean and complete Scout Uniform and have his BSA Handbook. The Board will ask him questions about Scouting, the troop, activities he has attended, and advancement
requirements pertaining to the rank he is completing (The board will not testing the scout on any of his completed requirements), they just want to know how he is doing and if there is any way they can assist him within the troop.

The Board announces the results to the Scout and the Scoutmaster after the conferring. The rank badge will be presented to the scout immediately by the Troop Senior Patrol Leader and formal recognition of any awards, ranks, or merit badges will done at the Troop Court Of Honor which is generally held twice a year.

Current Troop Rank Status

Troop 10-Boys Advancement Report
11 Current Registered Scouts

1 - Newly Register Scout
3 - Scout Rank(s)
3 - Tenderfoot Rank(s)
1 - Second Class Rank(s)
0 - First Class Rank(s)
2 - Star Rank(s)
1 - Life Rank(s)
0 - Eagle Scout Rank(s)

Troop 10-Girls Advancement Report
7 Current Registered Scouts

0 - Newly Register Scouts
6 - Scout Rank(s)
1 - Tenderfoot Rank(s)
0 - Second Class Rank(s)
0 - First Class Rank(s)
0 - Star Rank(s)
0 - Life Rank(s)
0 - Eagle Scout Rank(s)