Electronic Devices Policy

(This includes troop meetings, fundraiser events and/or camping)

Please do not bring any electronic devises on any camping trips. This is done to prevent these devises from getting broken, stolen or damage while camping. If a scout brings any Electronic Devises on troop camping trip or activities, the adult leader in charge will confiscate it, lock it up, and will not return it to the scout. The adult leader will give the item back to the scout's parents upon return from the trip. lso, the adult leader(s) and Troop 10 will not be liable for any replacement / damage fees of any electronic devises that might have been brought on troop camping/activity trips.

Along with the troop policy on Electronics Devises, No cellular phones will be allowed if you are under the age of 18. If a parent needs to get a hold of their son(s) for any reason, they should call the emergency number listed on the top half of the troop permission slip. Generally this number will be the scout leader in charge of the activity / camping trip. Sometimes this emergency number will be the park ranger, council scout camp or others that will be able to reach the troop in an event of an emergency.

Exception for Electronic Devices

When the troop has long travel times to get to their activity, then scouts will be able to bring their electronic devises to help entertain them self during these long travel times. It will be noted on the permission slip when this will be allowed. Upon arrival of activity, the electronic devises will locked up in the vehicle that the scout rode in and will not be used until the return trip home.