Troop Dues & Expenses

It is very important the scouts pay their dues on time because this money covers the annual registration, insurance, advancement awards, activity badges and basic operating supplies for the troop.  Troop 10's monthly dues are $15.00/month and are to be paid by the first Monday of each month.  You can pay for multiple months or the entire year in advance.

If a scout becomes delinquent two months or more with their dues, the Scoutmaster will be notified and he/she will not be able to attend any camping or troop activities, or receive any advancement awards or badges until dues are current.

The Troop Committee along with the advice of the Troop Treasurer may apply money from the individual personal scout account to make the scout dues current. For new Webelos Scouts that are bridging over, please contact the Scoutmaster about cross-over fees.